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       Dongguan City songchuan Metal Co., Ltd. is a set of hardware design and manufacture of precision molds, precision CNC wire cutting and metal parts processing oriented processing companies. With a deep understanding of enterprise machining and mold manufacturing industry, as well as fierce competition in the market for the industry to fully grasp. Companies adhere to high-quality production and processing of high-quality service attitude towards customers. Since its inception adhere to the "integrity is the cornerstone of the enterprise, quality is the life" as a business approach.

       Target marketing is the survival of enterprises, technology is the production of that innovation is the development of protection. The company's hardware equipment is the basis of production, quality assurance and quality commitment, we rely on the expertise of human resources. Dongguan City songchuan Metal Co., Ltd.,  the talent as part of the business assets. Through extensive experience in the industry, summed up the effective maturity of enterprise management mode, and to develop a corporate culture development, focus on training business professionals. The company hired the same operations and business management concepts as competent professionals, all recruit graduates through long-term training. The enterprise production management, technology management experience to the orderly functioning. The company personnel, the company through a variety of possible conditions and ways to make the company's talent for enterprises belonging.

        Cooperation purpose Dongguan City  songchuan Metal Co., Ltd.,  is fair, just win. In the long-term interests of the goal, establish a good working relationship with various suppliers, customers and other businesses. Our goal is to SongChuan Metal Co., Ltd., to become the backbone of the industry, we believe will be able to cooperate with customers and growth process, to provide a permanent and efficient support.


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